More information on Erdős numbers.

Here are the FOUR papers which link me to Paul Erdős:

Hutchinson, J.M.C., McNamara, J.M. & Cuthill, I.C. 1993. Song, sexual selection, starvation and strategic handicaps. Animal Behaviour 45: 1153–1177.

McNamara, J.M., Binmore, K. & Houston, A.I. 2006. Cooperation should not be assumed. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 21: 476–478.

Anderson, J.M. & Binmore, K.G. 1968. Coefficient estimates for lacunary series and Dirichlet series. I, II. Proc. London Math. Soc. 18: 36–68.

Anderson, J.M., Erdős, P., Pinkus, A. & Shisha, O. 1985. The closed linear span of {XkCk}1. J. Approx. Theory 43: 75–80.

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