J.M.C. Hutchinson, D.W. Stephens, M. Bateson, I. Couzin, R. Dukas, L.-A. Giraldeau, T.T. Hills, F. Méry & B. Winterhalder 2012. Searching for fundamentals and commonalities of search. Pp. 47–65 (Chapter 4) in P.M. Todd, T.T. Hills & T.W. Robbins (Eds), Cognitive search: Evolution, algorithms, and the brain. Strüngmann Forum Reports Vol. 9. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

I provide here a reprint to which I have added a reference list specific to this chapter. The pdf of the chapter has been provided with permission to make it available on my personal web page. Copyright resides with MIT Press and the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies. ISBN 978-0-262-01809-8.

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