J.M.C. HUTCHINSON & P.M. WASER 2007. Use, misuse and extensions of “ideal gas” models of animal encounter. Biological Reviews 82:335–359.

Blackwells have rather a Draconian policy of not allowing pdf files to be posted on personal WEB pages. Instead I offer a file generated from an updated version of the final submission, which I think does not differ in content from the published version. You are also very welcome to email me for a pdf of the published version.

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I apologise for three similar errors in formulae concerned with calculating length of a relative trajectory.
Formula 23 should read 2D√(u2 + v2 – 2uv cos θ), NOT 2D√(u2 + v2uv cos θ) as printed.
In the caption to Figure 9, the trajectory of the herring relative to the jellyfish should have length t√(u2 + v2 – 2uv cos θ), NOT t√(u2 + v2 + uv cos θ) as printed.
The same mistake has occurred in the caption to Figure 10.
These careless errors have not affected anything else in the MS (e.g. Formula 31 or quantitative results).
Also, in the last sentence of the caption to Fig. 1, 4vt/π should be the mean relative trajectory length, not mean relative speed, which is given correctly in formula (1) as 4v/π.
Biological Reviews has now published a corrigendum advertising the above errors.
I am grateful to Thomas Clerc for identifying a further error. Formula (15) refers to the number of encounters, not their rate.

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