J.M.C. HUTCHINSON 1999. Factors influencing the surface fauna of blue holes on South Andros, Bahamas. Bahamas Journal of Science 6:29–43.

This was a slightly amended version of an article with the same title originally published in 1998 in Cave and Karst Science 25:83–91.

With neither article did I get the opportunity to check the proofs or copy edits, and I know of a number of consequent problems, particularly in the earlier paper. So here I prefer to provide a pdf file of the Word document submitted to the Bahamas Journal of Science. Some minor changes that seemed desirable rereading the text now (2007) are indicated by Word's "track changes" facility (except for very minor formatting changes and corrections of typos). The later article included some photographs of the blue holes in monochrome, and I here provide these in colour.

Download big pdf file (including colour figures, 807 kB) from here
Download small pdf file (excluding colour figures, 152 kB) from here


For more recent news of threats to the blue holes of South Andros (and in particular, Stargate) see Schwabe (2001) Blue Holes of the Bahamas: A silent death. Immersed 6(2):29–33. Schwabe is director of the Rob Palmer Blue Holes Foundation, which promotes the scientific exploration and conservation of the blue holes of the Bahamas.

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