Figure 1 from: R.G. FORSYTH, J.M.C. HUTCHINSON, & H. REISE 2001. Aegopinella nitidula (Draparnaud, 1805) (Gastropoda: Zonitidae) in British Columbia—first confirmed North American record. AmericanMalacological Bulletin 16:65–69. Abstract and pdf

[Photo of Aegopinella nitidula]

Aegopinella nitidula (Drapanarnaud, 1805). A-C: Specimen from Stanley Park, Vancounver, British Columbia, Canada; 17 July 1998 (SMNG p5982).D-F: Specimen from Leigh Delamere motorway services, Wiltshire, England; 19 April 2000 (SMNG p8023). Scale bar = 5mm.

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