H. Reise, J.M.C. Hutchinson, R.F. Forsyth & T. Forsyth 2000. The ecology and rapid spread of the terrestrial slug Boettgerilla pallens in Europe with reference to its recent discovery in North America. The Veliger 43:313–318.

Download a scanned pdf file from here (with permission of the journal).
A higher quality version of Figure 1 is available here.

Also available here from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.


Further records of this species in British Columbia and elsewhere in the Americas (Colombia, California, Mexico and Newfoundland) are reviewed in Maunder et al. (2017) Terrestrial molluscs of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Part 1: Boettgerillidae. Checklist 13: 277–284.
Subsequently there have been records from Quebec (first found 2017)
Catling, P.M. & Kostiuk, B. 2020 A Canadian range extension for Wormslug (Boettgerilla pallens; Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Boettgerillidae). Canadian Field-Naturalist 132: 264–267.
and from Oregon (first found 2015)
Mc Donnell, R.J., Vlach, J.J., Reich, I, & Colton, A.J. (2020) Boettgerilla pallens Simroth, 1912 (Boettgerillidae): A new invasive slug species in Oregon, U.S.A. American Malacological Bulletin 38 63–65..

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